In the past several articles have talked about Tyler Perry (friends call him TP) auditions in general. However, examine if you will, his movie productions and how to be ready to audition for them specifically. He has blended actors and actresses in his films that are both well known (Angela Basset, Idris Elba, Gabrielle Union and Kathy Bates) as well as relatively unknowns (Tasha Smith), and also actors from his plays.

This means that if you have talent, it doesn't matter if you are known or not. You can still make it with Tyler. Tasha Smith had a colourful past and she was discovered by him. Subsequently she has appeared in nearly every movie he has ever made. It just goes to show you don't have to be a girl scout. All you need is talent and certain luck and you will become the actor or actress of your dreams. There is every single indication that at Tyler Perry movie auditions it is your ability he is interested in above all else.

As you will know, you need to move to Atlanta, Georgia. This is where it all happens for Perry and his recruits. It is actually such a beautiful city. Cable News Network (CNN) is definitely headquartered there, along with TNN, TBS, and TCM channels. This was the stronghold of legendary businessman Ted Turner. He was married to Jane Fonda, a beautiful actress from the famous Fonda family. I don't think she's ever appeared in a Tyler Perry movie, yet that would be very ironic if she did.

Once you've moved to Atlanta, acquire a job either as a waitress or bartender, or door to door Kirby vacuum cleaner salesperson. The latter will help you maybe to get to meet 'the man' personally, as you can get his house as part of your territory. In actual fact, you can pitch your whole story of moving to Atlanta better known at the ATL, just to be close and then try to enter into one of his movies, so you chose the vacuum salesperson angle to meet him and hey presto here you are. There is certainly no shortcut to being successful; it requires dedication as well as ingenuity. Keep looking for any open auditions for Tyler Perry they might be holding or even just try to obtain work as an extra at his studio. In the final analysis if you want to make it with Tyler Perry you need to be imaginative and work at it. Acquire the best guides about Tyler Perry auditions at



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